Gerard Baker

Gerard trained as a doctor at Cambridge and Imperial College, and continues to practice medicine as a GP. He is passionate about protecting the natural world, and has been a guest speaker at the University of Manchester Festival of Public Health and given talks for Extinction Rebellion regarding climate change. He also blogs about sustainable construction and is currently studying for an MSc in Sustainability and Ecology at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. In his spare time he is an enthusiastic unicyclist and a terrible gardener.

He came up with the Transformation Prize during a lecture at CAT, realising that he was surrounded by people with tremendous knowledge and care for people and planet. His intention was to encourage fellow students to think about how they could bring their gifts into the wider world, where transformation is so much needed.

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Doctor Gerard Baker

Hannah Gardiner

Hannah has always been passionate about the environment and societal change and has worked for nearly ten years on sustainability. This includes co-founding the clean-tech startup AirPublic in 2015, and working for a behaviour change charity during which she created pollinator paths, helped develop a food waste initiative in Battersea, and has created original art projects including Food from the Farm. More recently she was a One Young World Scholar (2017) and was Head of Consultancy for Shared Assets (2017-2019), working on alternative land management models, and authoring a report on community land ownership and management (2018). She is currently undertaking an MSc at CAT, and is a director of the National Forest Gardening Scheme CIC. When she is not working she can normally be found climbing up a mountain somewhere...

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