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Project Planning Workshop

At the Transformation Prize, we know that worrying about the climate and biodiversity crisis can leave you feeling alone and like the world is on your shoulders.

However, many are fighting the same battle; it is vital to your wellbeing and success in whatever you plan to do to connect with others and work together. We also know that with so much to be done, it can seem daunting to make that jump from inspiration to action.

With this in mind, we have launched online workshops, to help people connect and develop their project ideas. The first took place on the 21st January 2021; Joel, of 2020 winning project Abbeydale Street Trees kicked off proceedings with a talk about how he took theory into action.

January 2021 project development workshop: highlights

We then moved to breakout rooms, to discuss local issues in small groups. In a 'reverse brainstorm' exercise, we explored the worst possible solutions to these problems. This gave the realisation that a lot of issues are tackled with worst possible, energy intensive solutions. This also laid the foundation for conversations about transformative solutions to local issues.

In a second breakout room, people discussed next steps for their ideas and what would be needed to make them happen; this was a great opportunity for people to receive feedback and develop their ideas.

We are looking forward to the second workshop, on the 24th February, where we will focus on project fine tuning. Here, we will discuss how to embed inclusivity and intrinsic values as well as practical tips for community engagement.

Workshop attendees and those who have submitted their details are also receiving resources for project planning and development, including a a theory of change template and community engagement toolkits.

Whether you have a project already, or just the beginnings of ideas, and whether or not you wish to apply for the 2021 Transformation Prize, we welcome you to join the February workshop. Simply enter your details via the online form here.

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